Larousse Gastronomique

Cookware, utensils, spices and gearing up recipes for the remainder of 2022!

Do Donabe. These Japanese clay cookers are the bomb. I bought the one on the right with the steam basket. Food cooks beautifully in this clay pot, drawing out the flavors perfectly. They wash easily as well. Check out Jinen which is where I bought mine. Fabulous company with lots of gorgeous items for kitchen, home and self. Have my eye on the kitchen scissors for Christmas.

Next up: great spice company — Burlap & Barrel

This dish I haven’t made in a long time, but I’ve had a hankering for it, and have been getting requests, so will be making shortly. Pasta al Fumo is a Tuscan dish specifically from Cortona. It is simple and delicious and perfect for the cooler weather. With this, and all pasta dishes, I would suggest using top notch ingredients. For example, getting excellent pancetta (not from the deli aisle!), the freshest rosemary (from your garden would be ideal), superior grade extra virgin olive oil, and local pasture raised thick heavy cream. There are many recipes online, I would go with the “authentic” ones…that is, from Italy if you can. The only other ingredient or so I use is garlic…maybe a little butter.

Now more in keeping with the holidays, I’m thinking of doing a stuffing I haven’t done in ages. It’s a friend’s “Aunt Priory’s Chocolate Turkey Stuffing” –fantastic and a nice change up from chestnut sausage stuffing, cornbread stuffing…etc. I have included the recipe below. Thoughts for Christmas are I’m thinking popovers or Yorkshire pudding…homemade and all from scratch. Of course I will be cracking open the Christmas cookies and cakes files which are so tremendous at this point, having been given countless recipes from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends and other relatives. Quite a remarkable collection. Make something sweet with friends and loved ones. Put on some music and make it corny!

My goodness it’s been ages since I posted on Larousse! Not that I haven’t been cooking — I do that every day, and I bake fairly regularly. This is a lovely recipe I found in an old issue of Gourmet magazine: Nut-Crusted Cream Chees Pound Cake.

It’s elegant and always a hit. If you really want to gild the lily you can add ice cream (vanilla perhaps?) and if there are leftovers (not usually) toasting a slice for a late night snack is also good.

A reader of the magazine contributed this recipe and she writes a nice little preamble which I will include:

“Pound cakes were a standby made almost weekly when I grew up in rural Florida. They were routinely served with ice cream or fresh peaches or strawberries. I consider this recipe the queen of all pound cakes.”

Hello! It’s January and I would say that soup is in order — whatever you like. Perfect to simmer in the afternoon and use what’s at hand: lentil soup, black pea, split pea, carrot, turkey, chicken…beef barley, or mushroom barley, as you like it! If people are still doing Super Bowl or gatherings, see below for a great black bean salsa. Be well & enjoy!

I am seriously chagrined that I haven’t posted anything since April! I am not even going to count the months or bother to organize this page just yet. I made popovers last night so I am going to suggest popovers or Yorkshire pudding for Thanksgiving next week. I hope to add some other favorites then as well. Yes, it’s November and it’s a holiday that some people may not appreciate: I get all that. But considering this year, I think a day where we are grateful for what we have is a sage idea to meditate.

April 1st and we’re well into these new times. Will have to abandon the previous alphabet recipe soup and offer some recipe suggestions with things you may have at home.

Found this recipe on YouTube from the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic in Switzerland and Spain. One Pot Vegetables Asian Style: Use what’s in your fridge/larder and it’s vegan…more later got interrupted!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Chocolate Soufflé & friends
Post V-Day sweets – Sour Cream Coffeecake! This is my mom’s recipe – tried and true, easy and a hit (recipe below).

The next letter of the alphabet is “C!” Since Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, chocolate seems to be in order. I couldn’t find my mother’s chocolate mousse recipe which was decadent and easy. My other choice is Chocolate Soufflé. Cake be damned – Go big or Go home! Soufflés are not as hard as they seem. This one is easy even for a neophyte. Stay calm, don’t open the oven while it’s cooking and make a collar for the soufflé. You may dust it with confectioner’s sugar, but why gild the lily? Hell, put anything you want on it! Fresh whipped cream is another option, but only if it’s fresh and you whip it yourself. Some easy tricks to that. Let me know if you want instructions. So here is Chocolate Soufflé which will impress your partner and endear your to all.

Black Bean Salsa

Hello boys and girls! The next letter of the alphabet: “B” is for black bean – black bean salsa to be more precise. Not a “romantic” food strictly speaking, but it’s a big hit especially at parties. With the Super Bowl approaching, which is a canned event that we do not participate, we do know that many people do. This salsa is a sure-fire addition to your wings, chips, dips, BBQ spread. And it’s vegetarian in case you have guests who won’t partake in the carnivore offerings.

Apricot Jam Kolacky Cookies

Food! Let’s start with the first letter of the alphabet. “A” is for Apricot! Healthy, delicious, versatile. Savory or sweet, apricots are wonderful. And their color! Will post a recipe or two shortly. Hope you’re hungry.

Here we go. This recipe is for a cookie my mother used to make. They are simple and not too sweet sweet – just right by my estimation and the pastry is nice and flaky. I thought they were Scandinavian, but Kolackys are Mittel-European which makes sense since apricot jam is a staple in their cuisines as is the use of cream cheese. If you don’t have a small round cookie cutter, you may use a thin liqueur glass about 1.5″ – 2″ to cut the dough. Would love to hear if anyone tries these and what they think. Enjoy!