Dead Blondes

Ah hah! Caught you! Well I’m stretching the theme of this page because I’m not sure what to do with it. So, who better to school us some beauty than beautiful blondes. I’m not going to say iconic because that word I have banished from my lexicon along with literally which seems to be a filler word now — so over used are they both…and others. Anyway, here is a gorgeous blush from François Nars which has been around for decades. I was given it by a friend who worked for Nars back in the day and it became a staple in my stable. It’s called, aptly, Orgasm and it also comes in a lip tint. Put it everywhere, well why not? Then you can go around and look like you’re still basking in the afterglow. It’s really a lovely bit of makeup for the makeup mad and for those who treat their face minimally.

I do hold to the axiom — for the most part — that one should never put on their skin what they wouldn’t put in their mouth. If you look at the ingredients of all the potions one uses it’s quite alarming. Thems gonna catch up to you in the long run so might be a good idea to cut back or at least be mindful. In the main, I stick to coconut and other oils for moisturizing: black cumin seed, Vitamin E, and caster oil pack on the hair every so often is good. I also use hand milled no crap in it soap. I have added this Body Cream in from Amandha Vollmer who is in Canada. Really like all her DMSO products. If you don’t know about DMSO you may want to look into it. Got a lot of anti-aging properties folks! This body cream has a yummy subtle low key scent. If you check out ADV’s two websites which I will link below, another nice product is her Horsetail Hair Regrowth Spray. Since she’s in Canada allow a little more time for your parcel to get through customs.

The eternal fascination with blondes who die before their time: Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Jayne Mansfield…and many more. Forever intriguing in all their platinum heat glory. Coming soon! Stay tuned…