The Nature of Things

Strange days. Per usual in the event of impending…whatever, I ignore. Shut it out and down and turn to nature who is always generous in her giving. In the last month, a male cardinal has come a courting. Seemingly out of nowhere he has made friends. He comes when I call him, he calls to me and he lets me get really close to him. He hangs out and eats his sunflower seeds while I work in my garden. He’s of course stunning in all his glorious red self. His missus comes too and she is beautiful with her gorgeous blush of pale red on her faun feathers. Sometimes they have an argument over seed territory. My male can be a bit feisty, but he’s my darling so I let him get away with bad behavior.

I supposed I could try and train him to eat from my hand, but the word train bothers me and I think to myself: who would that be for? Not him, I mean he doesn’t care on what surface he has his favorite treat. I think it would be for me and that in the end is unnecessary. So we remain enjoying each other’s company and he comes and visits many times a day. If I’m working he gets quite impatient and starts — his version — shouting to get my attention. I like how we’re tuned into each other. He knows when I get up in the morning and he hears me come home after being out. How good is his hearing. I too can sense him when I’m out in the garden; if he’s quiet I feel him in the trees and when I look up he presents himself. It’s a beautiful relationship.

A new friend of mine, when I told him about the cardinal, said: “your] little visitor isn’t just asking you for seeds; He is offering you his seeds. He is evidence of your team of Unseens! This is awesome and an acknowledgement from them that they are with you. Cardinals carry a primary energy of the Divine Feminine, and they are characterized with the energy of ‘renewed vitality through recognizing self-importance.’

This is from my “bible” of reading animal energies: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. I would ask that fine fellow filled with Divine Feminine energy what magic and message he wants to share with you. Then, even if you hear nothing, just be still and in his presence and receive his energy. He adds color to life and calls to people to sing, to fear not to stand out, and remind us that everything we do is of significance. It is exciting to me to see that Cardinal’s unseen energies want to come to aid you in your journey.”

How great is that? Another friend of mine said to me, “You love Nature and Nature loves you back.” What a complement! Though I am not always sure about that since I am once again in a battle with the grandson of the squirrel I wrote about several years ago*. What lengths I must go to to keep him out of my garden! Nothing deters him! He’s truly impudent. But perhaps more of that later.

In the meanwhile, listen to and enjoy the earth song. And, get lost in her.

*Links to squirrel stories: and:

Sailing photo and some photos in header image courtesy of Danish photographer Flemming Madsen.

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  1. just read this 1 & truly enjoyed your gift for my day – Momma Nature surely provides us with life & i’ll carry that reminder with me today 🙂

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