Oh, I got plenty o’ nuttin’

Greetings! I have had several ideas for essays orbiting around my skull, but nothing has taken sufficient shape to pen. I was telling a friend about this and she advised, “Title your post: I don’t have any words!” I thought, okay, how about: “I got nothing!” and then I remembered the Gershwin song from Porgy and Bess (title above). 

So that’s where we are. I created the new header image last week with the divine feminine in mind. To be sure, the DF is so much more than photos of beautiful women, but there are some worthy ancient archetypes represented. The DF is also not the exclusive property of females.

I reread the lyrics to the song and they are wonderful true and wise.

“And nuttin’s plenty for me…”

I think what I may do is let the divine feminine speak through others until I come up with…something….!

More soon.

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