Love Thy Neighbor

I haven’t been writing nearly enough. The last weeks have been busy, more lazy, transitory, and strange. The weather can’t make up its mind. Rain for days, cold, then blasting heat – our bodies are constantly adjusting. For me there are also quite a few milestones between May and July some of which are triste. I’m easily distracted and can’t seem to settle. I had planned to write a post on something else, but that idea requires me to find that higher ground in my interior life which I can’t seem to access just now. I’m getting close.

I was almost there when my neighbor decided to chop down trees and then grind them to pulp for three days straight. I have considered writing about him before. I don’t know the man, but I can sure hear him. In a nutshell – silence is his enemy. A professional maniac is another term, but that might be too harsh.He and his family live on another road, but the far back of his property abuts where I live. Over the years there’s been a lot of yelling – this guy definitely has rage issues. It used to be worse. I remember one warm afternoon where he yelled for four hours straight. Really how is that possible? Well, he managed it. His wife must have locked him out of the house at some point, because he was on his back deck playing to the rafters. A lot of bad words at high volume and there were young children in the house.

Something must have happened…an intervention of either the social worker or law enforcement variety because things appeared to settle down a bit. Then emerged a number of water features and effects on the back lawn – which to this man’s credit is nicely landscaped and tended. Maybe his mandatory anger management course suggested water as a way to calm down. A hammock went up as well. He still goes off but it’s not as protracted. One thing he has not abandoned is his penchant for doing noisy lawn work at times when other people might want a little quiet, say early on a weekend morning. It’s like: I’m here! I’m pissed! And I’m taking you all with me!

I’ve lived in many places that covered the spectrum of country, suburban, city, and from modest to upscale, and either way there’s consistently at least one neighbor who drives everyone crazy. My friends have told me their neighbor stories over the years, some are pretty horrifying. There’s no escaping. Right now as I am writing this it is pouring rain and he’s still out there chain sawing and wood chipping. This guy really commits.

I could go on, but I won’t. Otherwise I would be entering into my neighbor’s territory and he’s proprietary.

Clare Irwin

P.S. I hope you will share your neighbor experiences.


6 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. Enjoyed your neighbor read. Neighbors all good at this time. We are the ones with a yappy dog – maybe 1 of your readers will supply details😊

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wish to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. I am hoping you write more very soon!

  3. We live next door to a girl who started dating a guy from a motorcycle club like “Sons of Anarchy” except not handsome or interesting! Also sort of short and stocky with this big curled mustache, no hair on his head and a lot of tattoos. Actually seems like a polite guy but it kind of makes me sad that he so totally looks like he’s right out of central casting. Wish him well, really the girl should rethink her ….. selection?

  4. Hay, my family lived next door to this guy who was super paranoid. He didn’t work he had a bunch of money from his family. Used to ride around on a Vespa or something. Anyway, he lined all his windows & every opening of the house with tin foil because he explained to my mother who was upset about how it looked that he did it because the birds were reading his thoughts! He finally moved away, to Montana [they don’t have birds there?] and the whole road like had a party.

  5. Nice post.You could have gone edgier. I used to date this guy who made a fortune in owning parking lots in New York City. He had a beautiful townhouse, professionally decorated, established garden. The place was gorgeous. but if you looked out the 2nd or 3rd floor window you could see the backyards of other expensive townhouses. Right diagonally across from him was this one with a yard full of plastic kid stuff all in bright colors everywhere. I thought he paid like $15 million for this place and he still has to look at a mess. BTW that house was owned by a very famous person in the movie business. Won’t say any more! Thnx enjoying the site.

  6. Don’t get me started! I used to live in a suburban townhouse complex which was full of divorced older women, single young couples never home, and freaks. What a nightmare – you know who was the worst? The older ladies! They made all the trouble or started it! Glad to be out of that little slice of heaven (not).

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