Thanksgiving Wishes

I haven’t written as often as I would like, but it’s been a busy time. I do want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving holiday — may it be peaceful, loving, joyous and full of gratitude. It is the day before and I took a walk along the shore. It was cold but clear, crisp and beautiful. I had fun kicking through the leaves and kicking acorns across the road. I’m past the age when that is acceptable behavior, but who cares? 

We’re staying local and being guests instead of hosts – I find I don’t quite have the energy for traffic and long trips and crowds this year. It’s just too hectic for me. I ran into a nice lady at the store, her wagon was groaning under the weight of all her groceries. I remarked on the size of her load and we started talking. She was so nice and cheerful; she said she has it down to a science now. Even though it’s a lot of work she knows what she has to do and gets it done and enjoys doing it. How nice, who wouldn’t want to go to her house for turkey day? I ran into her again in the parking lot and she wished me a happy Thanksgiving. I love people like that — it’s all good.

So, stay safe, enjoy and be thankful.

Clare Irwin

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