Halloween Post Game Wrap-Up

I thought I’d offer a brief coda to the Halloween festivities in my nearby paradise coastal town. The evening was mild and pleasant with lots and lots of trick or treaters. Over 100 at my friend Will’s house; they had to make an extra candy run. Will is studying phlebotomy, so he was dressed in his scrubs and white jacket and greeted the kids as a “scary mad doctor” — who thinks he’s a phlebotomist? The toddlers came in what Will calls “the usual adorable little kid costumes — princesses, pirates, ninjas and the like.”

The “older” kids’ prevalent costume was a fat suit? I ran this by another friend who lives in the village (my version of fact checking!), and her response was, “I’m not surprised.” I don’t get it. Kind of odd.

Will’s favorite trick or treater was a 13 year old girl who came as an escaped mental patient. No big deal you say? Well, she stayed in character and worked it — she had a whole back story and everything, and she was Will’s all time favorite. A riot I am told.

Lots of hot dogs were cooked and eaten, beer imbibed, no cigars this year, sadly. All in all a good Halloween. There was some minor fracas about some candy being stolen, bowls being overturned, and some disrespecting — but I don’t have the full story. Pretty tame I trust by comparison — no creepy clowns at least. Anyway, I hope all had a great Halloween if you celebrated, gorged on candy and had good fun. And, for those who didn’t celebrate, hope you had a pleasant night whatever you did, including avoiding the doorbell and pretending not to be home!

All the best,

Clare Irwin

P.S. A friend of mine who lives a couple of towns north came by to see me. She told me she went to a marvelous Halloween party. The son of the hostess came as an outhouse — she showed me the photo. Excellent!

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