Labor Day

I’ll make this quick. Today is Labor Day. I “technically” have the day off, but there is always much to do, places to go — I had a lot of ambitious plans for this day. But, I am tired. It’s been a busy week. So I think I will honor this day, and all of us who labor, and that is all of us in one way or the other.Hammock Some people are working today; it’s a big retail day so those folks will be at their jobs. Let’s all take a minute to recognize how hard so many people work, how lucky those of us are who have work to do, and say a quick prayer for the people who are looking for employment. Let’s also give thanks to people who don’t get paid for what they do, like mothers and grandparents et alia, and all the love and support and tireless energy they extend. Freely and lovingly given. Thank them, and thank yourself for all you do. See you soon and enjoy this day of no labor.

Clare Irwin

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